No One Will Ever Care As Much About Your Career As You Do

I often see people at work complain that their boss isn’t doing enough about their development. When yearly appraisals come round these people turn up with little more than folded arms. But if they are not going to put any effort into developing their career, why expect anyone else too? Most people learn this lesson at school. Teachers and parents may nag you to do your homework and study, but when do they ever offer to do it for you? Surprisingly, while I never saw a teacher sit an exam for a pupil, I often hear the complaint that “my employer doesn’t take enough of an interest in my career progression”. Unfortunately for those people, they usually realise all too late that their manager will be far more interested in their own career than that of their staff. Taking personal responsibility for your career is far more satisfying.


2 thoughts on “No One Will Ever Care As Much About Your Career As You Do

  1. So very true. Taking control is so easy, yet so hard. Audio books, on cd or download, to me are the best way to keep continual learning alive. And at only a few dollars per investment there’s a consistent wealth of information waiting to be taken in. I guess that’s why 5% of all people make all the decisions, including choosing to be better. Thanks for the post, nice one. Listening Rob.

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