Reading List

Good To Great – Jim Collins

Good to Great is a thought inspiring book that looks for the commonality amongst successful businesses of the last 50 years, and finds just a few simple truths. I particularly liked his definition of Level 5 Leadership. I also recommend his other books “Built To Last” and “How The Mighty Fall”.

Anti Fragile – Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Anti Fragile is a dense book full of ideas which intrigues at every turn. Once you get what anti-fragile is, Nassim applies the concept to politics, history, religion, the environment, fiscal planning, economics and personal life. If you’re interested in statistics and probability then you’ll find this really enjoyable.
Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson

You may have been recommended Who Moved My Cheese before. A very easy read that classifies four types of behaviour, and in a fun way that makes it stick in the mind. A good attitude to life in general. If you don’t like the book there’s a behaviour classification for you too!

Office Politics – Oliver James

Oliver James’ latest book Office Politics advises how to deal with the clinical psychopaths and the narcissists at work with those old favourites like false sincerity, brown nosing, and the ability to read others. Good fun.

The 48 Laws Of Power – Robert Greene

I was given the 48 Laws of Power at the end of a three day negotiation skills workshop, and told never to share it’s contents with anyone. Using historical examples, it is still very relevant for today’s world. One good warning, the person who exclaims: “I don’t do Politics” will be the most political person in the room.


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